Climate, Energy, & Environment


As a former environmental lawyer, Chair of the New Democrat Coalition’s Climate Change and Clean Energy Task Force, and member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, I am dedicated to combating climate change and building clean energy. Unfortunately, San Diego is vulnerable to some of the worst consequences of climate change--from droughts, to wildfires, to floods from rising sea levels. We must not only work to curb climate change, but also prepare for the effects it has on our region and nation.

San Diego is home to many innovative green energy and cleantech companies that are important to our environment and economy. I will work in Congress to make sure these companies, as well as the premier research institutions in our region, get the support they need. I will also continue working with Republicans and Democrats to pass ambitious policies to reduce climate pollution and build the clean energy economy of the future.


Tackling the Climate Crisis

To protect San Diegans and the nation from the worst consequences of climate change, we must rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I have introduced and passed several bills to reduce our emissions while maintaining a flourishing economy. Some examples include:


Building clean energy faster

To address climate and environmental challenges, we can’t just stop bad projects; we must rapidly build good projects. Currently our overburdensome regulatory and permitting processes cause significant delays to clean energy, infrastructure, and even nature restoration projects. I am working to pass comprehensive reforms to streamline the review process for good projects while maintaining sound environmental analysis and community input. Some examples include:


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