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Today, Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52) unveiled The Climate Playbook, a comprehensive plan he compiled of already existing legislation authored by both Republicans and Democrats, many of which have already earned bipartisan support. These legislative proposals together would take immediate steps to reduce greenhouse gasses and slow—even reverse—the effects of climate change. They are organized into categories that include ways to reduce emissions from a variety of economic sectors, promote energy efficiency, reduce pollution, increase investment in research and development, spur more investment in adaptation and resiliency, develop a workforce to make all this possible, and support workers and communities displaced or impacted by this transition to clean energy.

The Playbook, as additional bills are workshopped and current bills are tailored, can serve legislators, experts, and the public as a reference on the status of legislation to tackle climate change.

“We need a Playbook because policymakers and the public broadly agree we must act now to stop catastrophic climate change. The new Congress has a new opportunity to act—but we do not need to start from zero. These are policies Congress can implement right now—and given that many are bipartisan, there is real opportunity to get bicameral approval so they can become law,” said Rep. Peters.

“We cannot wait another two years—nor can we wait for Congress to come to consensus around a single bill. The Climate Playbook acknowledges this reality. I encourage my colleagues to consider how we can move beyond resolutions to immediate climate action. I look forward to working with experts, my colleagues, and the public to determine what other bills Congress should consider, what gaps need to be filled to address climate change, and what improvements can be made to bills already introduced,” Rep. Peters continued.

“Acting on climate change must happen now and it must be bipartisan. We delayed far too long in our engagement in the greatest moral challenge of our time. Our nation must adopt meaningful policies to thwart the ever-increasing climate impacts on all God’s children at home and around the world. Representative Scott Peters’ (D, CA-52) Climate Playbook represents an opportunity for both action and meaningful bipartisan legislation. While we won’t agree with all the bills listed in his Playbook, Representative Peters’ efforts need to be commended and supported to get America invested in climate action,” said the Rev. Mitch Hescox, President/C.E.O. of The Evangelical Environmental Network.

“The Climate Playbook's comprehensive strategy could help put the United States on the path to take action that is consistent with the scale and urgency of the climate challenge,” said Christopher B. Field, PhD, the Perry L. McCarty Director of the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment.

“Climate change is a massive challenge to our country. We need to engage it in a comprehensive, bipartisan manner that uses all the tools in our toolkit. I am encouraged by the approach that the Climate Playbook attempts to take, focusing on what can be done now and done in a politically durable manner,” said Tim Profeta, director of Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions.

“As recent scientific reports make clear, we need to transform our economy at a scale and pace never seen before to tackle climate change. We commend Congressman Peters for his climate leadership and for calling on his colleagues to roll up their sleeves and join elected leaders across our country who are debating and advancing real solutions to the climate crisis. These solutions must create good jobs and protect our health and communities—especially low income and communities of color who are hit first and worst by toxic pollution and climate impacts,” said Tiernan Sittenfeld, Senior Vice President for Government Affairs at the League of Conservation Voters.

The compendium will be regularly updated and can be read here