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Rep. Peters Champions San Diego Priorities, Strong Military for the Future in National Security Budget

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Throughout yesterday and into early this morning, Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) continued his strong advocacy for San Diego’s defense priorities, and for a military that is adaptable and prepared to fight the dynamic new threats that our country faces.

The House Armed Services Committee markup of the ‘National Defense Authorization Act,’ (NDAA), which serves as a roadmap for national defense spending for the 2016 Fiscal Year that begins September 1, 2015, passed the Committee on a 60-2 vote at 4:39am. It now heads to the House floor for action.

“America needs a military that is smart, tough, and prepared for the new world of threats that we face,” Rep. Peters said. “This NDAA continues to move us in that direction through pragmatic, forward-looking investments in the effective technologies that ensure our warfighters have the tools they need to respond quickly and decisively to our enemies and keep our country safe.”

Peters continued, “San Diego will benefit from this budget, which continues a focus on the Special Forces that call our region home, the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which are developed and built in our county, and on the Marine Corps and Navy that are leading the way in our country’s strategic pivot to the Pacific.”

Congressman Peters spoke out specifically to fight for the diversification of our military’s fuel supply, particularly by protecting the ability of the Department of Defense (DOD) to develop biofuels and other alternative energy for ships, planes, and tactical vehicles. Watch his remarks HERE and HERE.

All of Congressman Peters’ amendments were adopted into the NDAA. Details on each are below:

  • Protecting California’s access to firefighting aircraft that are owned by the National Guard
  • Reforms to the acquisition process in the DOD so that smaller companies can have the same opportunity to compete with larger companies. Greater competition is the smart way to provide the DOD with the best array of options.
  • Support for DOD programs that provide specialized camps for military children who are grieving the loss of a parent, guardian, or sibling. These camps are also available for children with a parent, guardian, or sibling struggling with addiction.
  • Promoting military energy efficiency for the KC-X tanker aircraft that has been used for fuel transport and firefighting efforts.
  • Expanding military fuel supply diversity by requiring the DOD to brief the Armed Services Committee on innovative technologies to efficiently improve the range and endurance of tactical vehicles
  • Support for programs including zero8hundred which provide community-based transition programs in the Department of Defense Transition Assistance Program. The amendment requires the DOD to brief the Armed Services on the effectiveness of these programs in supporting our military and veteran families.

Sean Mahoney, Executive Director of zero8hundred stated the following in support of Congressman Peters’ amendment: "Service members benefit greatly from a community handoff from their mandatory transition programs. zero8hundred connects military members and their families to the San Diego community, helping them overcome challenges in transition. This amendment will help ensure consideration is given to these important programs. Congressman Scott Peters has been an important part of this initiative since the very beginning of the planning stage. We have been happy to see so many service members sign up for this voluntary program so they can get the assistance needed for a successful transition."