Press Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52) released a statement following recent mass shootings in Buffalo, NY and Laguna Woods, CA:

“There is no doubt that stronger gun safety reforms are desperately needed to help avoid senseless tragedies like these that occurred in a matter of hours this past weekend. My sadness for the families and communities in mourning is only matched by the anger I feel for Congress’ inaction.

“Those who defend the right to bear arms forget that all Americans have the right to visit supermarkets, places of worship, schools, movie theaters and other public spaces without the threat or fear of being killed. The second amendment does not supersede our right to live with dignity and return to our homes safely. While in office, I wish to see the day when my colleagues finally come to their senses and pass commonsense reform for the sake of our country’s future and public safety. How many more lives will it take until we come together and say ‘enough is enough?’

“In a country as beautifully diverse as ours, it is also unconscionable that individuals who foster baseless ideas on white supremacy can act with relative ease and target communities of color with powerful weapons. The result is not only the loss of life, but also a profound sense of fear and distrust among all Americans that will continue to weaken our union.

“In March, President Biden signed the STANDUP Act into law. This legislation helps students and educators identify, intervene, and get help for those at risk of hurting themselves or others. I know we must work harder to fulfill our duties for the people we represent. Our reason to act is simple enough: our lives are at stake.”