Press Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Tonight, Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52) joined his colleagues to pass the Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act, widely known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework (BIF). The BIF provides historic investments to modernize the nation’s roads, bridges, railways, transit, energy systems, broadband, and other critical infrastructure projects to bring communities across America up to speed. It also reauthorizes federal surface transportation programs that were set to expire on October 1 and were temporarily funded through December 3.

“Our country is strongest when we actively pursue bipartisanship. The passage of this package illustrates that Congress is capable of working together to tackle some of the toughest issues facing our nation,” said Rep. Peters. “Today, we delivered massive investments for American safety and competitiveness that will uplift future generations. This funding will upgrade crucial infrastructure, support climate-conscious efforts, create jobs, and expand opportunities for those in San Diego. I look forward to President Biden signing this historic legislation into law and then making sure the Build Back Better Act passes both the House and Senate.”

The bill will deliver direct benefits to the people of San Diego by:

Investing in public transportation to reduce sprawl, congestion, and local air pollution. The bill includes $39 billion for mass transit, $25 billion for airports, $2 billion for port infrastructure, and $5 billion for clean school buses.

Addressing the climate crisis. The bill includes Rep. Peters’ POWER ON Act, which will help deploy more renewable energy. The bill also funds four clean hydrogen hubs and invests $7.5 billion in electric vehicle infrastructure. These unprecedented investments will lay the groundwork for a clean energy economy and help the U.S. lead to the world in clean energy innovation.

Fixing our roads, bridges, and ports to expedite travel and commerce. The bill includes $40 billion for bridge repairs or replacements and $17 billion for port infrastructure.

Building more resilient energy infrastructure to keep Americans safe and secure during extreme weather events. The bill includes over $10 billion to modernize the power grid, $3.5 billion to make buildings more resilient, and $250 million to protect the electric grid against cyber-attacks.

Creating a more resilient San Diego. The bill includes billions in investments to reduce the impact of wildfires, strengthen drinking and wastewater infrastructure, and restore damaged ecosystems.