Press Releases

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) voted with a broad bipartisan majority to pass legislation that disapproves of the contentious United Nations Security Council resolution 2234 passed in December. The Security Council resolution, which the United States abstained from voting on, criticizes Israeli and Palestinian actions and their effects on the peace process. After the vote, Rep. Peters released the following statement: 

“The United Nations Security Council Resolution undermined the fundamental idea that long-term stability can only be achieved through bilateral negotiations between the Israeli and Palestinian people.

“The construction of Israeli settlements in disputed territory undercuts efforts to bring consensus on a two-state solution. But seeking to extract concessions outside of a joint negotiation is unproductive and divisive at a time when we should be focused on bringing the parties together.

“I disagree with much of the language in today’s resolution and the manner in which it is presented, but ultimately voted for the resolution as the clearest, and only, way to express my dissatisfaction with the UN Security Council resolution and the chilling effect it could have on the peace process.

“I remain committed to a bilaterally negotiated two-state solution as the only way to bring about the only thing that all nations can agree they want – everlasting peace.”