Department of Veterans Affairs

Can Congressman Peters help me?

My office is able to assist San Diego Veterans navigate the VA and other federal agencies to ensure you receive the benefits that you have earned. 
As we address your concerns, please bear in mind that we cannot force an agency to act in your favor.  The rules of the U.S. House of Representatives do not allow us to intervene in, or influence the outcome of, cases that are under the jurisdiction of any court.  Finally, our office cannot intervene in matters under the jurisdiction of local, state, or foreign governments.


NOTE: The Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) is working its way through a backlog of appeals.  If you have filed an appeal and are awaiting a hearing with the BVA, unfortunately, it can take several years before it is completed.  The BVA, as required by law, reviews cases in docket order, which is based upon the date the VA Form 9 was filed. Our office does not have the ability to speed up this timeline but may check in for a status update on your appeal.


We can help you:

  • Obtain copies of your personnel records, your claims files, or other documents.
  • Request that a claim be expedited (only applicable to folks in severe financial hardship, advanced age, or terminal illness).
  • Retrieve replacement medals for Veterans and their families.
  • Request a discharge status correction.
  • Understand your Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits.
  • Assist you with concerns involving healthcare and the Medical Center.

We cannot:

  • Force the VA to decide in our constituent’s favor.
  • Override a VA decision/determination.
  • File a claim for you (see VSOs located at the SDRO here).
  • Expedite a claim if it does not meet the VA’s criteria.
  • Guarantee a particular response or outcome.
  • Intervene in matters under the jurisdiction of any court, state, or local government body.



Below are some frequently asked questions about veterans benefits. If you need additional assistance, please contact my office at 858-455-5550.

Veterans FAQ

What is the Veterans History Project and how can I be involved?

The Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project collects first-hand accounts of U.S. Veterans in the form of audio and visual recordings, diary/memoir/journal pages, personal correspondence, photographs, and more. Veterans who served during wartime, as well as U.S. citizen civilians who were actively involved in supporting war efforts (such as war industry workers, USO workers, flight instructors, medical volunteers, etc.) are invited to share their valuable stories to be documented for future generations in the Library of Congress. You can find more information about the VHP here.

My San Diego Office can assist you in recording an interview and/or facilitate the submission of your original correspondence, photographs, or journal pages to the Veterans History Project.

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What does it take to expedite a claim and how can your office help?

The VA may expedite the processing of your claim if you are able to provide documentation to indicate that you meet one of the following criteria:

Advanced age (85+ for claims, 75+ for the Board of Veterans Appeals)

Homeless or facing immediate homelessness (You will be required to submit supporting documentation i.e. an eviction notice, utility shut-off, notices, etc.)

Terminal or serious illness (You will be required to submit supporting documentation i.e. doctor statements, medical evidence, etc.)

Financial Hardship (You will be required to submit supporting documentation i.e. VA Form 10-10HSVA Form 5655, notice of eviction, past due bills, repossession of a vehicle, etc.)

You may also qualify for a Decision Ready Claim (DRC). Check eligibility requirements here. 

My San Diego Office is able to assist you in submitting paperwork and other supporting documentation to the VA on your behalf to ensure swift receipt.

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I am homeless or about to be homeless. What help is available to me?

The National Call Center for Homeless Veterans is available to assist. You can reach them at 1-877-4AID-VET or 1-877-424-3838 and find their website here.

If you have a pending claim at the VA, you will want to reach out to them to let them know about your circumstance. The VA provides expedited claim processing for Veterans facing homelessness.

My San Diego Office can assist you by communicating this to the VA and requesting expedited processing on your behalf.

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How can I apply for a medal, award, or decoration that I earned while in the service?

You can begin the processing of requesting a replacement medal, award, or decoration by reaching out to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC). You can find details about the process here.

My San Diego Office can assist you by submitting a request to NPRC on your behalf or checking on the status of an existing request.

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How can I get a copy of my military records?

If you are seeking your military records, you will want to submit this request with Standard Form 180 to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC). You can find more details about this process here.

My San Diego Office can help by submitting this request on your behalf or checking on the status of an existing request.

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