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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52) voted to impeach President Donald J. Trump for incitement of insurrection against the U.S. government.

“Today, I honored my oath to defend the Constitution from all foreign and domestic enemies; I voted – again – to impeach President Donald Trump. President Trump urged his followers last week to ‘be strong,’ ‘march to the Capitol’ and ‘fight like hell.’ By doing so, he provoked a violent assault on the People’s House that terrorized the nation and led to the death of five Americans. It’s clear he's unable to do his job, has complete disregard for democracy and is a grave threat to the country.

“My hope was that the members of this Administration who’ve enabled the president these last four years would have honored their oath. We gave Vice President Mike Pence and cabinet officials who enabled the president’s lies every chance to stand on the right side of history and invoke the 25th Amendment. History will show that when called upon to defend the democracy, they declined.

“President Trump’s efforts to subvert the electoral process through lies and inflamed rhetoric cannot go without consequence. It’s now up to the Senate to conduct a trial to decide whether the president should be convicted.

“I look forward to getting back to what I was sent here to do, serving the American people who desperately need their government to work.”

Rep. Peters was in the House gallery when rioters broke into the Capitol building. The lawmaker shared his initial thoughts in an op-ed published last week by the San Diego Union-Tribune.