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Rep. Scott Peters, New Democrat Coalition Demand Comprehensive Immigration Reform by September 30

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52) joined 38 Members of the moderate, pro-growth New Democrat Coalition to issue an ultimatum to Speaker John Boehner: introduce a comprehensive, bipartisan bill to fix the nation’s broken immigration system by September 30 or the New Dems will move forward on their own.

“The Senate acted in a bipartisan manner – with an open dialogue of viewpoints from across the country – as they addressed this pressing national issue,” said Rep. Peters. “The Senate bill is not perfect, but should provide a starting point for debate. We need to move this process forward in the House, in a comprehensive way that engages members from both sides of the aisle. Our current system is broken and it is time to find a solution that is good for San Diego’s families and business community, and our nation’s fragile economy.”

In the letter, the New Dems expressed frustration that a bipartisan immigration reform bill had not been introduced prior to the August district-work-period. In an effort to work across the aisle for reform, the Coalition signaled its willingness to deliver the deciding votes on a “comprehensive and bipartisan immigration package that includes a pathway to citizenship.”

Without action by September 30, however, the New Dems would proceed to push a bipartisan measure on their own.

“We have the support of the American people. We hope we can count on your support,” the New Dems said in their letter to Speaker Boehner.

Click here to read a copy of the letter.