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Rep. Peters Releases #FixCongressNow Plan to Reform Government

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) formally released his ‘#FixCongressNow’ plan aimed at reducing government waste and getting Congress working again. Last Thursday evening, Peters held an interactive telephone town hall with thousands of constituents in the 52nd District to announce this plan and garner their input.

“San Diegans are rightfully frustrated with a Congress that is a gridlocked, and an inflexible federal bureaucracy; government has to rebuild the trust it has lost with the American people through aggressive reforms and innovative problem solving,” Rep. Peters said. “My plan will make a number of reforms to fix Congress and get government working for the people again. The effort will also require a cultural shift in government away from continued bureaucratic growth and toward efficient customer service that better serves the taxpayer.”

Rep. Peters’ plan includes six categories, each with individual policy proposals that will be introduced or cosponsored in the coming months:

  1. Make Congress Work
  2. Improve our Elections
  3. Remove Inefficiency and Government Waste
  4. Ensure Ethical Standards
  5. Increase Transparency and Openness
  6. Make Government Green

To see the ‘#FixCongressNow’ plan and more detailed policy information click HERE.

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