Press Releases

Today, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) released the following statement after President Trump announced his administration is replacing the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan:

“Once again, the president has tossed aside a carefully crafted plan to keep our air clean and protect the environment and the public from the effects of climate change. It is another step backward for energy innovation, public health, and our decades of progress combatting climate change.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s own projections acknowledge that this new rule will cause up to 1,400 premature deaths per year and increased carbon emissions. Yet, the administration is choosing to ignore the increasing signs of climate change—wildfires, drought, floods, and more—to push a policy that will worsen these disasters.

The Clean Power Plan was designed to allow states flexibility to develop customized plans to meet the national goals by 2030—allowing their economies to catch up in the process by encouraging development of alternative energy technologies. Nationally, it was projected to get the equivalent of between 2.7 million and 5.3 million cars off the road. San Diegans and Californians have been at the forefront of clean technology and innovation, but air quality knows no state lines. I will do everything I can to fight it—our planet and children depend on it.”