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Rep. Peters Fights Reckless Homeland Security Shutdown

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) spoke on the House floor railing against the pending partial shutdown at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that Congressional Republicans have manufactured through their consistent inability to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

“Funding the Department of Homeland Security should be a simple bipartisan effort, but Republican leaders in Congress have continued to play political games when protecting our country should be paramount,” Rep. Peters said.

Earlier this week, Rep. Peters helped introduce the “No Homeland Security, No Pay Act” (featured in The Hill here) to withhold member pay during the period of a DHS shutdown and another to make sure DHS employees, including Border Patrol agents and the Coast Guard tasked with keeping our borders safe, do receive retroactive pay whenever the shutdown ends.

“It is simple — if the hardworking men and women in the Department of Homeland Security will continue to go to work but not receive a paycheck, members of Congress, who have failed to do their job, should not receive a paycheck either,” Peters continued.

Click HERE or the image below to see Rep. Peters’ speech on the House floor.

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