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This week, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) joined forty bipartisan lawmakers calling on Congress to come together on a spending bill to keep the government open before funding expires on Friday night. The lawmakers are members of the Problem Solvers Caucus, and are urging Congressional leaders to dismiss the last-minute demands by President Trump to attack the Affordable Care Act and include funding for his border wall as part of the spending bill. Instead they want Congress to put partisan battles aside and keep the government open. Rep. Peters has been one of the most vocal opponents of President Trump’s border wall.

“The border wall is a bad idea and a waste of money. There are much more efficient ways to secure the border without damaging trade and border communities,” said Rep. Scott Peters. “Congress has been working for months on a bipartisan agreement to fund the government and make investments that create jobs and keep America safe. This last minute attempt to hamstring these negotiations to President Trump’s border wall is a good way to go backwards and risk shutting down the government. Republicans control every branch of elected government. It is up to them to push back against President Trump’s reckless demands and ensure that Congress meets its most basic responsibility to keep the government open.”