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Rep. Peters Responds to Creation of House Democrats’ New Policy & Communications Committee

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Scott Peters released the following statement on the announcement of the creation of House Democrats' new Policy & Communications Committee:

“I am encouraged by the formation of this new group and hope it is a first step in addressing calls for change. The lessons learned in November 2014 require Democrats to make an honest assessment of ways we can improve our message. As Democrats, we are right on many issues important to Americans: education, the environment, equality. And our message of economic fairness is right, too, but we must move beyond economic fairness and now take the lead on creating an agenda for economic growth and a brighter future for our children and grandchildren.

“Democrats need to have a real plan that creates economic opportunities for the millions of hardworking middle class men and women who are playing by the rules, and working harder than ever, but continue to feel like they can’t get ahead. And we need a plan for our young people entering the workforce unsure about their futures, worried about being able to afford college and whether there will be a job for them when they graduate. If we don’t figure out how to successfully share this message we will lose touch with the core of the Democratic Party and the desires of everyday Americans.”