Press Releases

Today, Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52) issued the following statement after President Trump announced the withdrawal of American troops from Syria as Turkey begins a military operation against the Kurdish forces in Syria:

America must be seen as a reliable ally and a formidable opponent. Kurdish fighters have been steadfast and fierce partners of ours in the fight against ISIS. Because we are abandoning our Kurdish allies, they are now being killed in the Turkish incursion. This action sends a terrible message to our allies. President Trump’s rash decision will create a vacuum that further destabilizes the region, cedes influence to our adversaries, permits a resurgence of ISIS at the cost of our national security, and increases the chances of terrorist attacks against Americans. I am encouraged that both Republicans and Democrats have spoken out in unison against this policy. It is an outrage and is another example of President Trump undercutting American values. I’m willing to return to Washington immediately to oppose this withdrawal which will undoubtedly lead to a horrendous loss of life.“