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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52) voted in support of a Budget Resolution for Fiscal Year 2021 to begin budget reconciliation – a legislative tool that will ensure the swift passage of a new COVID-19 relief package. Rep. Peters took to the House floor earlier in the day to express his thoughts on the action:

“When Congress passed the emergency COVID bill at the end of last year, we knew more resources would be needed to fight the virus and to provide additional relief for many Americans who have been devastated financially. I fully support beginning the process of budget reconciliation because we need to start the clock. In my experience in Congress, I know that this place works much better with a deadline.

“However, I hope that we can respond to this in a bipartisan way, as we did last March and again in December. Our biggest challenge as a nation is not one particular issue but the deep division in Congress and among Americans. Bipartisanship has intrinsic value, and we should prioritize it. That said, today’s action will assure that we will have a relief package on time, no matter the politics. This is a step we have to take to ensure support reaches those bearing the brunt of this crisis.”

Rep. Peters also once again advocated for the inclusion of automatic triggers in upcoming COVID-19 legislation to keep aid, like enhanced unemployment insurance and food assistance, flowing until economic conditions improve and automatically shut the relief off. Automatic stabilizers are a key priority supported by the New Democrat Coalition, and as the Vice Chair of Policy for the group, Rep. Peters has led the charge since day one to ensure the policy becomes law.

Click HERE to view Rep. Peters’ full remarks on the House floor.