Press Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. —Today, Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52) released the following statement after President Biden  addressed Congress and the nation in a speech about the Administration’s first 100 days in office and the president’s vision moving forward:

“Tonight, we were reminded of how far our country has come since January 20th. We have taken significant steps to address the multiple crises our nation faces. Over 96.7 million Americans are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and millions of struggling businesses and families received critical relief through the American Rescue Plan Act.

“We were also reminded of how much further we have to go to build America back better.

“In places like San Diego, where people come to the gates of our city seeking asylum, we desperately need a faster, more humane way to process their requests. We need more high-skilled visas, so the bright and enormous talent in our schools and companies don’t get sent away.

“Our country has witnessed more than one mass shooting per day since January. Gun safety and reform must be a priority. We need to close the federal background check loopholes and get automatic weapons off our streets. We also need to get mental health care to those at risk of harming themselves or others to avoid senseless tragedies.

“On police reform, improving training, accountability, and transparency is long overdue. The Senate must act - bring the House something we can agree on because, without action, there is no progress.

“Finally, as we emerge from COVID-19 and its subsequent economic fallout, it’s time for us to take bold action to create jobs, support families, and expand opportunity to push our country forward. This means increased access to child care, health care, and quality education. It means enhanced tax credits that help workers and promote prosperity. And it means making once-in-a-generation investments today to power the innovation and growth of tomorrow.

“President Biden’s address to Congress offered a clear, concrete, fiscally responsible plan that will deliver results. It’s going to require everyone’s effort to achieve these goals. Like the president, I stand ready to work with anyone, regardless of political party or title, to ensure a more equitable and prosperous future for all Americans.”