Press Releases

SAN DIEGO – Today, Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52) released the following statement after Senator Joe Manchin publicly announced his sudden opposition to the Build Back Better Act:

“Those of us in elected office need to take the votes we think are right for the country and for the people we represent. I’m extremely disappointed in Senator Manchin’s announcement this weekend that he won’t support Build Back Better, but it’s his decision.

“After many months of discussion, Senator Manchin now must identify what he can support that addresses his policy priorities and his concerns about debt, deficit, and inflation. For instance, the tax measures address many of the inequities in the Trump tax scam, which he opposed. Could he support the measure to stop tax cheats? Or the provision for an international minimum tax for profitable corporations that often pay no taxes? Both of those provisions would directly address the deficit.

“If he’s concerned about starting programs to help families that can’t be funded for a long time, like family leave or child care or pre-kindergarten, could he support extending the child tax credit alone? This would give many parents the resources they need to help their children be successful, and would empower them to choose how to use that money, on child care, early schooling, or to support stay-at-home parenting.

“Senator Manchin has expressed concern about the high cost of prescription drugs for seniors. Could he support a package that included our proposal to allow Medicare to negotiate prices and to cap out-of-pocket costs at $2000 per year, and $35 per month for insulin?

"If he is concerned about the reliability of the electric grid or relying on foreign supply chains, could he support federal investments to produce cleaner technologies in the U.S. or incentives to build essential interstate transmission lines?"

“These provisions are all part of Build Back Better and, to my knowledge, supported only by Democrats. I also wish we could pass them with bipartisan support. But Republicans have said no. The measures above are consistent with Senator Manchin’s policy priorities. Let’s enact them and not lose this opportunity for meaningful progress.”