Press Releases

Today, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) responded to President Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress. Earlier today, Rep. Peters and the rest of the New Democrat Coalition Leadership Team sent a letter to President Trump urging him to “stop advancing divisive policies and inflammatory rhetoric and instead focus on policies that will grow the economy, create more opportunity for all, and make government work better.”

Rep. Peters released the following statement:

“Tonight’s address was a disappointment for those of us who hoped President Trump would back up his big promises with a coherent, specific plan for policies that Congress can get to work on.

“President Trump identified some issues where we might work with him, but it remains to be seen whether he can deliver. It’s just hard to believe given his disorganized White House, reckless Executive Orders, and hyper-partisan cabinet nominations.

“And on other issues he is demanding cooperation, but only on his terms. It is one thing to criticize the shortcomings of the Affordable Care Act, but it is another to do so without putting forward a plan to fix what’s wrong short of ripping healthcare away from tens of millions of Americans.

“His speech tonight doesn’t change the devastating effect that his trade and immigration policies will have on our economy and our communities in San Diego, and it doesn’t answer the many outstanding concerns about his conflicts of interest and his administration’s ties to Russia.

“We already knew that President Trump can make big promises, but a speech does not make it so. Congress writes the laws, and sooner or later President Trump is going to have to come to grips with the separation of powers adopted by our nation’s founders and figure out how to work with us.”