Press Releases

Today, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) issued the following statement after helping to pass House Concurrent Resolution 75, which condemns ISIS atrocities against religious and ethnic minorities as war crimes:

“For years, ISIS has been targeting Christians, Yezidi, Shi’a and other religious and ethnic minority groups in Iraq and Syria.  There is no question that these brutal acts of violence against defenseless civilians are war crimes. This bipartisan measure calls on the United States and its allies to work together to prevent further war crimes and hold these murderers accountable.

“But these atrocities will likely continue until we win the fight against ISIS. It is beyond time for Congress to debate and pass an Authorization of the Use of Military Force. With a smart, targeted approach we can help put an end to this slaughter and eliminate safe havens that could be used to plot attacks against the United States. My colleague Rep. Schiff’s proposal, which has clear directives and a 3-year renewal, is a good place to start.” 

H. Con Res. 75 states that all governments and international organizations should call ISIS atrocities war crimes. It also declares that U.N. member states should work together to prevent further war crimes and punish those responsible by preserving evidence and, if necessary, establishing tribunals.