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Rep. Scott Peters Fights Republican Move to Bar Social Cost of Carbon Analysis

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, during debate of H.R. 348 the “RAPID Act,” U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) proposed an amendment that would allow federal agencies to use the social cost of carbon in their analyses. The social, or real, cost of carbon is the calculation of the economic, environmental, and social costs of carbon dioxide emissions.

The RAPID Act, as passed, prohibits federal agencies from even considering the social cost of carbon or climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions. On a largely partisan 179-229 vote, Congressman Peters’ amendment was not adopted and he opposed final passage of the RAPID Act.

“Instead of allowing federal agencies to plan for the future, House Republicans want to bar agencies from taking the full range of possibilities into account,” Peters said. “For too long we’ve heard that we have to choose between a prosperous economy and a clean environment; implying that we can’t have both. That is a false choice that I reject, and it is one that we can’t afford to make.”

“My amendment today is simple – allow us to consider the real costs of carbon on our economy. While we are planning for our economic future we must also be considering how our economic growth will impact our public health and the sustainability of our communities,” Peters said.

Congressman Peters offered the same amendment when the RAPID Act was considered in the House Judiciary Committee. He also penned an op-ed earlier this year in the Huffington Post entitled “Plan for the Future: Use the Social Cost of Carbon” that highlighted the scientific support for utilizing the social cost of carbon in economic and environmental analyses.

Congressman Peters’ speech supporting his amendment in the House of Representatives can be seen HERE or by clicking the image below.

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