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Rep. Peters’ Denounces GOP’s Hyper-Partisan Homeland Security Bill; Calls for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) released the following statement after voting against the House Republican’s political ploy in connection with funding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

“Instead of proceeding with a straightforward, bipartisan bill that ensures our border is secured and our immigration laws are enforced, Republicans added strictly partisan amendments that amount to blanket deportations that will force families back into the shadows. We should pass a DHS funding bill that is free from these ideological riders and then work toward bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform similar to what passed the Senate in 2013 with 68 votes.

“As I did repeatedly during my first term, I again call on Speaker John Boehner to stand up to the extreme wing of his party. This could have been avoided had he allowed a vote on last session’s bipartisan and comprehensive immigration reform package that would have secured our borders, worked to prevent terrorism, boosted our economy, created jobs, and reduced our national debt. Americans still overwhelmingly support it, as do many of my Republican colleagues. I hope that he will allow such a vote in this Congress.”