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The office of Rep. Scott Peters announced Monday it has surpassed the $1.1 million mark in helping obtain benefits that San Diego residents were entitled to from federal agencies but had difficulty receiving.

Like all congressional offices, Peters’ staff includes caseworkers who assist residents having problems with federal agencies.

“One of the most important jobs that I have as a member of Congress is to help my constituents break through the bureaucratic log jam of government red tape to get the answers they’re looking for and the benefits they are due,” Peters said.

Peters’ office said more than 1,000 people have been helped in the 18 months he’s been in office.

The help includes approximately $750,000 in Veterans Affairs benefits, $130,000 in Social Security assistance and $130,000 in money due to taxpayers from the Internal Revenue Service.

Peters’ announced the aid in a news conference Monday morning that included one of people his office has helped, Rhonda Wright, who was finally able to get Social Security disability payments after trying unsuccessfully for six years.

Another was Renee Keller, who said she was to get a retroactive payment from the Veterans Administration after four years of trying.

Residents of Peters’ 52nd Congressional District, which includes Coronado, coastal San Diego and the Miramar and Poway area, can call his office for help at (858) 455-5550.