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Rep. Peters Votes to Support Local Job Growth and Research Funding

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) released the following statement after voting late last evening in favor of H.R. 4923, the bill to fund Energy and Water Development programs for the 2015 Fiscal Year:

“This bill contains many provisions that are good for San Diego and our innovation economy, including $30 million in algae research, the first time that has been included in the House. A recent SANDAG study found that algae biotechnology research and manufacturing generates approximately 1,020 jobs and $175 million in economic impact for the San Diego region.

“It also has better funding for scientific research programs than last year’s version and fully funds the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund, which is beneficial not just to the Port of San Diego but for ports across the country. The Port of San Diego accounts for 42,000 jobs in the region and is one of seventeen strategic ports in the United States. Lastly, there is adequate funding for fusion energy science programs that UC San Diego will be able to access.

“Unfortunately, a number of amendments, passed by the majority over my objection, would inhibit or prevent any consideration of climate change. I am hopeful and confident that these anti-science provisions will be eliminated in conference with the Senate.”