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Rep. Peters, Bipartisan Coalition Call for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

SAN DIEGO, CA – Today, Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52), Ruben Barrales from the Republican Latino leadership group GROW Elect, and representatives from Qualcomm,, and the ACLU held a press conference at UC San Diego to call on Speaker of the House John Boehner to allow a vote on H.R. 15, the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.”

“It is clear that the current system is broken, and that fixing it would create jobs and reduce the deficit – that’s why immigration reform has the support of the local and national business groups, labor unions, faith leaders, farmers, and the majority of Americans,” said Congressman Peters. “It’s been more than a year since the Senate acted in a bipartisan way to pass a comprehensive solution to our broken immigration system, but Speaker Boehner has refused to allow a vote in the House. The proposal I support would pass if it were given a vote on the floor today.”

Rep. Peters is an original cosponsor of H.R. 15 and has signed a ‘Demand a Vote’ petition that, if signed by the majority of the House, would force a vote on the bill. He has been a vocal advocate for immigration reform since arriving in Congress last year.

H.R. 15, which Congressman Peters supports, would reduce the federal budget deficit by $900 billion over 20 years according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office. It would also expand the H-1B visa program for high-skilled immigrants so that the best and brightest, many of whom are educated at American universities, can stay here and start their ventures in the United States.

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