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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) was selected by party leadership to deliver the alternative to H.R. 2279 because of his background and experience as an environmental lawyer. H.R. 2279 undermines environmental protections and delays the cleanup of hazardous waste sites in the Superfund program. In his floor speech, the Congressman derided the idea that the country must choose between protecting the environment and growing the economy.

“For too long we’ve heard as an article of faith that we have to choose between a prosperous economy and a clean environment; the idea that we can’t have both,” Rep. Peters said during his speech. “But that is a false choice. People in San Diego and people around the country know that we deserve nothing less than both – we need to provide both economic opportunity and clean air and water for future generations.”

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In San Diego County, a part of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton has been deemed a Superfund site. Nine areas of soil and groundwater, some of which flow into the Pacific Ocean, have been contaminated and are in need of clean up. Delayed cleanup is a risk to servicemembers, civilians working on the base, and area endangered species.