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Congressman Peters’ Statement on Vote Against HR 2009

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Peters released the following statement regarding his vote against H.R. 2009, the ‘Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act,’ that would have barred the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from enforcing or implementing the Affordable Care Act.

“Today, just before our August recess, the House of Representatives took its 40th vote to repeal or gut the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  I voted against the effort, as I did when full repeal came before us previously.  I am disappointed – and exasperated – that this is how we have spent our time, when we have not dealt with our most important national challenges:  comprehensive immigration reform, balancing the budget, ending furloughs and the sequester, and tax reform that would incentivize domestic job creation. Instead of refighting old political battles on health care, Republicans should work with us to improve the ACA in order to strengthen it. This will allow us to move on to focusing on the economy and creating jobs.

“Whether you are a fan or a skeptic of the ACA, the president signed it, the Supreme Court upheld it, and it has survived 40 House votes to repeal or gut it.  It is the law of the land.  We should improve it – as we need to.  For instance, I support repealing the medical device tax that penalizes the very innovation we need to reduce costs.  I also supported the President’s call to delay the coverage mandate on businesses for a year, and I favored an effort to delay the $95 penalty on individuals who do not purchase insurance for a year.

“My job now is to make sure the ACA works best for residents and businesses of the 52nd District, and to help them take advantage of the benefits the law provides. The law gives many Americans the security and peace of mind they need: affordable access to preventative care for mammograms and checkups, ensuring that insurance companies hold the line on jacking up premiums, making sure that adults with pre-existing conditions will be covered, and that young adults can stay on their parents’ insurance until they turn 26.

“It’s time to stop playing politics on health care.  Throughout this fall, my staff in Washington and San Diego and I will be working hard to determine the best ways to help.  In the coming months, my office will be partnering with local non-profits and business groups to offer workshops and seminars on the new law throughout the 52nd District."

Peters added that many of these workshops have already been scheduled. Details are available on his website