Press Releases

Today, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) helped pass the VA MISSION Act, legislation that improves access to health care for all veterans, by expanding the Veterans’ Administration (VA) Caregiver program to veterans of all eras, extending VA Choice funding for a year, promoting multi-state telehealth and creating a review commission to evaluate how VA medical care property can be better managed.

“Our veterans deserve the best treatment and care. This bill expands the VA Caregiver program to increase funding and resources available to the loved ones of veterans who are caring for our vets in need in the comfort of their own homes,” said Rep. Peters. “This means that more veterans with serious injuries or disabilities, regardless of when they served, can continue to stay at home and avoid moving to a care facility.”

This legislation also includes provisions to ensure the timely scheduling of appointments to provide greater continuity of care, and an Asset and Infrastructure Review that better evaluates the state of the VA’s existing medical care facilities. Rep. Peters voted for this bill in the Veterans’ Affairs Committee last week.

Rep. Peters continues to champion the expansion of veterans’ access to mental health care, introducing legislation that was signed into law that expands eligibility requirements for marriage and family therapists, and introducing bipartisan legislation that designates June as National Post-Traumatic Stress Injury Awareness Month.

Rep. Peters also joined his colleagues to pass legislation providing mental health care, expanding telehealth services and improving medical services for emergency and mental health care.