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Rep. Peters Votes to Fund Government, Avert Shutdown

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) released the following statement after he voted to keep the federal government open through December 11, 2015:

“Keeping the government open is the very least that the American people expect from Congress. But this consistent stop-and-start funding process that brings us within hours of shutting down the Federal Government is reckless and unnecessary, and harms our economy’s ability to grow.

“While I supported today’s temporary funding bill, Congress has got to get serious in the next two months about confronting the fiscal challenges that our country is facing.

“We need a budget that cuts wasteful spending, tackles our long-term debt, preserves a safety net for the most vulnerable, reforms the tax code to enhance our global competitiveness abroad and job creation at home, supports a strong and dynamic military, and makes the necessary investments in infrastructure, education, and basic scientific research that will support our country and our children into the future.

“With Speaker Boehner last week announcing his resignation this is a real opportunity for my moderate friends in the Republican Party to work with moderate Democrats to get common-sense solutions on their way to President Obama’s desk. Our country cannot afford for Congress to waste this opportunity.”