Press Releases

Today, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) voted to pass a bipartisan bill that would help our veterans receive the timely, quality healthcare they have earned through their service. By creating a single database for essential open positions at the VA and allowing applicants to be considered for multiple open positions, H.R. 1367 would help speed up the hiring of qualified doctors and nurses to work at VA hospitals. There are currently more than 40,000 open health care positions within the VA.

“Our veterans have earned access to quality, timely healthcare. In order to keep that promise, we need to ensure the VA has the tools it needs to hire, train, and retain top-flight medical professionals,” said Rep. Scott Peters. “It shouldn’t take more than a year to hire a qualified doctor or nurse to work at the VA and treat our veterans. This bill will give the VA the resources to fill these positions more quickly and improve the quality of services they provide to our vets.”

Rep. Peters also supported the bill last week when it was approved by the House Veterans Committee on which he serves.

Details on H.R. 1367:

  • Authorizes the VA Secretary to create a single database to list critical, open positions at VA. It also allows applicants to let the VA consider them for similar positions in addition to the one for which they apply.
  • Expands veterans preference in federal hiring processes to include retired servicemembers who have served on active duty for more than 180 cumulative days.

Establishes an Executive Management Fellowship program to place VA employees in private sector positions for one year to learn skills and services similar to ones they would use in the VA.