Press Releases

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) spoke out today on the floor of the House of Representatives about the need for Congress to take immediate action to freeze reduced subsidized Stafford Loan rates for another two years. If Congress does not pass legislation to freeze the rates they will double on July 1st.

On the floor Congressman Peters stated, “Right now, college tuition is spiraling beyond what many students and their families can afford. In many instances students are being forced to leave school because they are accruing so much debt.”

(VIDEO: Full video of the Congressman’s speech on the floor today can be seen here)

In addition to his floor speech, Congressman Peters wrote a letter today to Speaker of the House John Boehner calling him to bring Representative Joe Courtney’s bill, H.R. 1595, to the floor immediately. Congressman Peters is an original cosponsor of this legislation.

In the letter Rep. Peters stated, “Affordable higher education for lower and middle class families has been central to the American story, including my own. I would not have been able to attend my alma mater, Duke University, without student loans and work study opportunities. If we want our country to be competitive in the global economy of the future, then we must invest in our children’s education.”

(Letter: Read the full text of Congressman Peters’ letter to Speaker Boehner here)