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Statement from Congressman Scott Peters Regarding Bi-Partisan Senate Agreement on Immigration Reform

SAN DIEGO, CA – Today, Congressman Scott Peters released the following statement in response to the bipartisan Senate agreement on immigration reform. Tomorrow, President Obama is scheduled to lay out his plan.

“Families and businesses throughout San Diego have waited for years for real changes to our broken immigration system, and the Senate agreement announced today is a sign of true progress. I applaud my Senate colleagues for coming together with a bipartisan agreement on immigration reform and look forward to the President's remarks tomorrow. I am eager to support a plan that provides the companies in our San Diego innovation economy with the skilled workers they need to grow and thrive. I welcome a plan that allows immigrants who have lived here, worked hard, and participated in our society in a productive way to earn their legal citizenship through a fair and thorough process - especially the children who were brought here by their parents. They should not be penalized for actions that were not of their doing. Finally, any fair plan must hold employers responsible for hiring undocumented immigrants and must also ensure that they have the tools needed to verify the working status of employees."