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Congressman Peters to Visit Israel, Meet with Government Leaders

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Peters announced that he will visit Israel beginning next week as part of a congressional delegation of 37 Members of Congress. The policy driven trip will provide the opportunity for Rep. Peters to hear from various perspectives on the complex situations in the Middle East, just as official peace talks get underway again between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority.

“I am looking forward to a productive, busy trip to Israel,” Congressman Peters said. “The opportunity to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas will certainly give me a more complete picture of what each side is working toward, and how we can promote peace while protecting our ally Israel in the volatile region.”

During the trip, in conjunction to meeting with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of Israel and President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, there will be meetings with opposition members of the Israeli Parliament, United States Ambassador Shapiro, and the Defense and Finance Ministers of the Israeli government.

In addition to policy briefings and government meetings, the delegation will visit some of the holy sites within Israel for the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian faiths. Further, the group will tour multiple border crossing zones and military installations to get a broader picture of the security challenges that the ongoing peace talks must address.

Congressman Peters and the delegation depart on Sunday, August 4th and the trip ends Monday, August 12th.