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Today, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) joined a bipartisan majority to defeat Speaker Ryan’s immigration bill, which failed by a 121-301 vote.

“Make no mistake: this bill was no compromise. We wasted two weeks on bills that had no chance of passing. Instead of holding Dreamers and detained children hostage to the border wall, we should vote on bills to give Dreamers certainty and reunite families outside of detention facilities. This country needs a real immigration fix, not a bill developed in secret between Republicans without any Democratic input. I continue to call on my Republican colleagues to work with the many Democrats who stand ready to pass a bipartisan bill like the USA Act that has been put forward,” said Rep. Peters.

The Ryan bill slashes legal immigration, ends the diversity visa lottery, and cuts family-based immigration categories. It also spends $25 billion to build the border wall, with a provision to shut down DACA visas if the money is rescinded. Families and children could continue to be separated at the border.  

“Five years ago, the Senate addressed broader immigration concerns in a bipartisan bill that passed with 69 votes. But House politics got in the way and we never voted on that bill. Congress needs to return to those larger conversations and put in the work to produce a compromise together,” Rep. Peters continued.

Rep. Peters has continually called for the House to debate and pass comprehensive bipartisan immigration reform. In March, he highlighted the need for a long-term DACA fix. He has also spoken out against family separations at the border on the House floor and joined dozens of members to introduce the Keep Families Together Act following the Trump Administration’s Executive Order allowing families to be separated at the border. In 2013, he called for immediate action in the House following the Senate’s compromise immigration legislation.