Press Releases

SAN DIEGO—Today, Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52) called on One America News Network (OANN) to issue a public apology and retraction of a story related to an incident involving a 75-year-old man and law enforcement officers in Buffalo, New York. OANN is based in San Diego, within the district Peters represents.

The interaction was captured on video and shows two officers shoving the man to the ground and subsequently cracking his head open. Without any evidence to back up the claims, a recent OANN segment alleges the man, identified as Martin Gugino, was an agitator and “Antifa provocateur.” President Trump then shared the same baseless accusation on Twitter, claiming the man was appearing to scan police communications to jam the equipment.

“This is not responsible journalism. The divisiveness and fear-mongering of One America News Network has no place in San Diego,” Rep. Peters said. “These dangerous and unsubstantiated accusations seek to distract from the goals of peaceful protesters who want to see important changes in our country. The president also has a responsibility and duty to be honest about what is and is not happening in the streets.”

Peters added that the managers, news directors, producers and writers at OANN have the opportunity to right this wrong. “These false stories only stoke division at a time when our country needs to come together. Our citizens deserve better than this,” he said.