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San Diego – Today, Rep. Scott Peters announced his office has helped recover more than $2 million in federal benefits owed to San Diegans. Rep. Peters and his San Diego staff have helped more than 2,000 constituents retrieve backlogged funds ranging from veterans and military benefits, to Social Security and Medicare payments.

The benefits recovered include almost $1.3 million in benefits earned by veterans, $268,000 in Social Security payments for San Diego seniors, and more than $200,000 from the Internal Revenue Service.

“One of my most important jobs is helping San Diegans navigate the federal bureaucracy," said Rep. Peters. “We can help cut through red tape to get San Diegans answers and the benefits they have earned. Many people aren’t aware of the numerous services that are available through their Congressional office, but we want to make sure San Diegians know we’re here to serve them.”

Rep. Peters made the announcement at a press conference, where he was joined by San Diegians he has helped:

“I am deeply satisfied with the help from Congressman Scott Peters’ office,” said Curtis Dietrich, a U.S. Army veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and now lives in Scripps Ranch. Curtis contacted Rep. Peters’ office after spending over a year trying to sort out a discrepancy in his disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. “His staff worked with the VA after they were not happy with the initial response and even expedited my claim. His team is truly for the American veteran.” Rep. Peters’ office was able to work with the VA to reinstate his payments and recover $15,000 in overdue payments.

“Congressman Peters was amazing in resolving a major error in my Social Security retirement benefits,” said Leonard Molnar, who contacted Rep. Peters’ office after the Social Security Administration sent him a letter asking for payments he didn’t understand. “They were extra timely in getting the job done. I am very happy and grateful to his team.”

“Congressman Peters helped me receive both my Social Security and Medicare benefits after my case documents were lost in the system,” said Fernando Prado, who contacted Rep. Peters’ office after spending two years working with the Social Security Administration. “After Congressman Peters got involved, I received by benefits in just a few weeks.”

Together, Leonard and Fernando of Coronado had almost $12,000 in benefits recovered.

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Rep. Peters is joined by Fernando Prado, Leonard Molnar and Curtis Dietrich, who shared stories of how Rep. Peters’ office helped them recover the benefits they were owed.

Rep. Peters livestreamed the press conference on Periscope. To watch visit here:

Residents of the 52nd district having trouble getting an answer from a federal agency regarding Social Security, Medicare, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the IRS, or Immigration Services, or who feel that they've been treated unfairly, should contact Rep. Peters' office at (858) 455-5550.