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Today, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52)  joined his colleagues at the first meeting of the House Veterans’ Affairs Subcommittee on Technology Modernization. The committee is tasked with a bipartisan review of the Veterans Administration’s (VA) transition to electronic health records and the facilitation of collaboration between the Department of Defense (DoD) and the VA, as active servicemembers transition to being veterans.

“San Diego has one of the largest populations of veterans in the country who will benefit from health data shared among the DoD, the VA, and community partners," said Rep. Peters.

"Bickering between the DoD and the VA and a weak governance body like the Interagency Program Office (IPO) means there is no one to break the ties or resolve the differences to move this project forward. That’s why as a member of this new subcommittee, I am dedicated to holding the VA and DoD accountable. Our country needs to get this right for service members and veterans. The right people need to be at the table to make sure veterans receive quality and timely care from two of the largest health care providers in the nation.

“This new subcommittee gives the Veterans’ Committee an opportunity to devote more attention to overseeing this transition to electronic health records, spurring innovation in telehealth, and using new, smart technology in healthcare. I look forward to bipartisan collaboration and oversight as this committee continues its work.”

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Watch Rep. Peters speak at the first hearing of the subcommittee HERE.

The subcommittee was established on July 12, 2018, and provides oversight and guidance as the electronic overhaul of these systems continue.