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San Diego is a proud military town and a strategic partner in the national defense.  The region is home to numerous military units and defense installations that directly support our national defense. The private defense industry also plays a critical role in San Diego’s economy, and defense-related spending supports more than 205,000 jobs and $36 billion in direct spending in the region.

Scott understands that our servicemembers deserve the resources necessary to succeed on the battlefield and to support their families. He has consistently voted for and fought to expand the military’s investment in San Diego, which supports job creation and drives one-fifth of our region’s economy. Scott also remains an advocate for American leadership in the world and believes the U.S. is strongest when it works with allies and partners to address global challenges.


Supporting San Diego’s Role in America’s National Security

The 50th District is home to a large military presence, including Naval Air Station North Island, Naval Base Coronado, Naval Base Point Loma, Naval Base San Diego, Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, and Coast Guard Sector San Diego. These facilities support some of America’s most important units, such as Naval Special Warfare Command and the Navy’s 3rd Fleet Headquarters. The district’s position in the Pacific ensures it will play a critical role in supporting U.S. national interests in the Asia-Pacific. Scott promotes San Diego’s role within the national security enterprise by:


  • Serving as the co-Chair of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) Caucus to support the needs of SOF personnel, such as those stationed at Naval Special Warfare Command in Coronado, and their families;
  • Voting consistently to pass the National Defense Authorization Act, which provides the funding and policies that shape America’s armed forces;
  • Introducing legislation that promotes San Diego’s shipbuilding and repair industry (insert hyperlink); and
  • Advocating for more resources to support Coast Guard Sector San Diego’s operations.



Confronting Climate Change and Protecting the Environment

Scott understands the climate crisis will change the future operating environment for our servicemembers and fundamentally alter global security. That is why he has made confronting the climate crisis a leading issue for his work in Congress. Scott addresses this challenge by:


  • Introducing legislation that provides the Department of Defense (DoD) with more authority and capability to address the climate vulnerability of U.S. or partner military facilities that support American military forces;
  • Introducing legislation to support the green energy transition of U.S. partners abroad;
  • Increasing funding for renewable energy technologies within DoD’s budget built by companies in San Diego that enhance the operational resilience and capability of U.S. military forces; and
  • Introducing legislation that requires the Director of National Intelligence to regularly report to Congress on the national security and economic implications of climate change to better inform policymakers about how to best respond to climate change.


Promoting America’s Global Leadership

Scott believes America is strongest when it leads abroad. When the U.S. consistently engages with allies, partners, and relevant international organizations it can promote global peace and security, promote American prosperity, and enhance our national security and economic interests abroad. Scott advances these principles in Congress by:

  • Leading legislation to promote Taiwan’s relationships with like-minded U.S. allies and partners;
  • Voting to consistently provide the funding and capabilities that support Ukraine’s response to Russia’s unprovoked and illegal invasion; and
  • Supporting initiatives to promote the security and prosperity of Israel and related partners throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and Persian Gulf. 

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