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Congressman Scott Peters

Representing the 52nd District of California

Sponsored Legislation

One of the most important aspects of Congress is developing, making, and monitoring laws. I'm sponsoring and drafting legislation about issues that are important to San Diegans. If you have a question, concern, or idea for a bill, you can send me an email here

Bills Introduced in the 115th Congress:


The Hydropower Permit Extension, or “HYPE” Act, would cut red tape in the construction permitting process for hydropower projects and incentivize greater investment in carbon-free hydropower. It would also already-approved hydropower projects an extra year on their initial permit to begin construction. This commonsense fix will improve flexibility to incentivize greater investment in hydropower as we move towards a clean energy future.

Secure and Resilient Water Systems Act


Purple Heart Bill

H.R. 1379, extends benefits under the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Post-9/11 Educational Assistance Program to all honorably discharged Purple Heart recipients, regardless of duration of service. Purple Heart recipients have made some of the most tremendous sacrifices in service to our nation. Whether veterans use these benefits to fund college classes, vocational school, or on-the-job training, this bill will make it easier for them to get the skills and training they need to transition to civilian life.

Employer Participation in Student Loan Assistance

The Employer Participation in Student Loan Assistance Act would help address rising student debt by encouraging private employers to offer a tax-free benefit to put toward an employee’s student loan debt, similar to the existing tax benefit for tuition assistance. Access to affordable higher education has made the American dream attainable for millions of Americans, and is central to our nation’s competitiveness and success. The bill will help speed up the repayment process so graduates can begin to make investments such as buying a home, starting a family, or saving for retirement.

5 Day Work Week

The 5 Day Work Week resolution would require the House of Representatives to meet 5 days per week for 39 weeks out of the year, for a minimum of 195 working days. In order for Congress to pass a budget to fund important priorities, advance policies that grow our economy and be a consitutional check on the Trump adminstration, it has to show up to work first.

60 Day Rule Act

The 60 Day Rule Act would require any bill approved by a House committee to be voted on by the entire House of Representatives within 60 days of it passing committee. It shouldn’t be up to just a handful of leaders to decide which bills are worthy of consideration. Any bill that is good enough to get passed by a bipartisan committee deserves to get a vote in the House. It's time to get government working for the people again. 


Bills I have introduced in the 114th Congress (began 1/6/15):

  • HR 385 - Diclosing Aid Spent to Ensure Relief (DISASTER) Act - Text HERE
  • HR 508 - Super Pollutant Emissions Reduction (SUPER) Act - Text HERE
  • HR 1047 - Housing Assistance Efficiency Act - Text HERE
  • HR 1322 - Stop Hiding Congressional Farm Subisidies Act - Text HERE
  • HR 1409 - Open Internet Act - Text HERE
  • HR 1713 - Student Loan Repayment Assistance Act - Text HERE
  • HR 2020 - Treason and Passport Revocation Act - Text HERE
  • HR 2227 - Strengthening the Resiliency of Our Nation on the Ground - Text HERE
  • HR 2639 - Marriage and Family Therapists for Veterans Act - Text HERE
  • HR 2640 - Consumer Debt Forgiveness Tax Relief Act - Text HERE
  • HR 2725 - 21st Century Care for Military and Veterans Act - Text HERE
  • HR 2813 - Shelter Our Servicemembers (SOS) Act - Text HERE
  • HR 2861 - Veteran Employment Transition (VETs) Act - Text HERE
  • HR 3108 - Department of Defense Energy Security Act (DODESA) - Text HERE
  • HR 3147 - Constituent Services Disclosure Act - Text HERE
  • HR 3392 - Carbon Capture Research and Development Act - Text HERE
  • HR 3577 - Unnecessary Government Printing Reform Act - Text HERE
  • HR 3751 - Federal Student Loan Refinancing Act - Text HERE
  • HR 3774 - Protect America's Credit Act - Text HERE
  • HR 3775 - Pay Down the Debt Act - Text HERE
  • HRes 161 - National Innovation in Education Day - Text HERE
  • HRes 184 - 5 Day Congressional Work Week - Text HERE
  • HRes 185 - 60 Day Committee to Floor Vote - Text HERE
  • HRes 297 - National Mental Health No Stigma Week - Text HERE
  • HRes 345 - National Post-Traumatic Stress Awareness Month - Text HERE
  • HRes 441 - Increased Travel Disclosure - Text HERE


To see a list of legislation I introduced in the 113th Congress (2013-2014) click HERE.