Congressman Scott Peters

Representing the 52nd District of California


Civil Rights

Opportunity for All


Expanding Opportunity and Driving Economic Growth

President’s Administration

Guided by the principles of: Loyalty to Country, Truth & Rule of Law, Opportunity, Strength Abroad, Respect & Kindness

Energy & Environment

Curbing Climate Change & Promoting Energy Security as National Security

Government Reform

Increasing government accountability and transparency.

Health Care

Making health care more affordable and accessible.

Growing Our Innovation Economy

Keeping San Diego at the forefront of innovation & discovery.

Jobs & Economy

Good jobs and a strong economy are very important to our district and to my work in Congress. Learn more about my views on this issue.

National Security & Defense

Supporting San Diego's strategic role in the national defense.


Learn about my work in Congress on Seniors issues.


Learn about how I'm working to ensure equal rights for women.


Getting Veterans the care and benefits they earned through their service.

San Diego Issues

Working for San Diegans at home and in D.C.

Congressional Issues

Information and content related to Congress and the operations of the House of Representatives. US Capitol Building