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Washington, D.C. - On March 18, 2015, Congressman Michael M. Honda (CA-17th) introduced a resolution in honor of the Iranian New Year into the House of Representatives. The legislation recognizes the cultural and historical significance of Nowruz and wishes Iranian Americans, the people of Iran, and all those who celebrate the holiday a prosperous new year.

In addition to commemorating the Nowruz holiday, the resolution acknowledges the “lasting contributions” of Persian civilization to the world and the “noteworthy” impact Iranian Americans have had to the social and economic fabric of America. The resolution also underscores the importance of human rights and religious tolerance not just for the people of Iran, but for people everywhere, and supports the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people.

“I’m proud to introduce the resolution to recognize Nowruz in the US House of Representatives. This celebration of the arrival of spring is enjoyed by Iranian Americans, as well as the people of Iran and those of Iranian decent around the world and of all religious backgrounds,” said Congressman Honda to PAAIA. “Nowruz reminds us of the contributions Iranian Americans have made to our country in the arts, government, our military, and our culture. It also reminds us of our desire to see a democratic Iran that respects the human rights and religious diversity of its citizens and those of all of its Middle Eastern neighbors.”

This year’s Nowruz resolution marks the second time Congressman Honda has introduced legislation in support of the Persian New Year. In 2009 and 2010, PAAIA worked with Congressman Honda to mark the official congressional recognition of the holiday as part of a broader effort to foster greater understanding of the Iranian culture and heritage as well as projecting an accurate and positive image of the Iranian American community.

The resolution currently has a total of thirteen cosponsors. Original cosponsors include but are not limited to Representatives Andrea Carson (IN-7th), Gerald Connolly (VA-11th), Donna Edwards (MD-4th), Carolyn Maloney (NY-12th), John Mica (FL-7th) and Scott Peters (CA-52nd).