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Congressman Scott Peters

Representing the 52nd District of California

How Can We Help

One of my most important jobs is helping San Diegans navigate the federal bureaucracy. We can help cut through red tape to get San Diegans answers and the benefits they have earned. If you can't get an answer from a federal agency in a timely fashion, or if you feel you have been treated unfairly, my office may be able to help resolve a problem or get you the information you need. While we cannot guarantee you a favorable outcome, we will do our best to help you receive a fair and timely response to your problem.

San Diegans living in the 52nd Congressional District can contact me for assistance in dealing with federal agencies. If you are experiencing an issue with a federal agency not listed below, please continue to our privacy act waiver for a full list of agencies.


Get answers about benefits available to you and your family. 


Access the services and benefits you have earned.

Social Security

Get the benefits you earned and paid into over a lifetime.

Medicare and Medicaid

Navigating Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part D Prescription Coverage, and Medicare Advantage coverage.

Immigration & Visas

Request assistance with your or your relative’s immigrant visa, adjustment of status or U.S. citizenship application


Support for homeowners, renters, and those who are homeless, or are at risk of losing their home. 

IRS & Tax Services

Learn about free tax help and resources available in San Diego.

Student Loans

Links to various federal education resources, including links to the U.S. Department of Education.

Traveling Abroad & Passports

How to apply for a passport, resources for traveling abroad and contact information for emergencies that may arise overseas.

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