Press Releases

Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. Scott Peters (CA-50) released a statement on recent events in Israel. In the past few weeks, the ruling coalition in Israel has taken actions that undermine the rule of law and raise questions about the government’s dedication to maintaining democratic values.


“Recent actions by Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government put into question the future of Israel’s democracy. In the past two weeks, the Israeli government has taken steps to give settlers control over Palestinian-owned land, advance legislation to eliminate judicial oversight, and cheered a violent mob that killed one person and destroyed hundreds of Palestinian-owned businesses and homes. The trampling of minority protections contradicts the values enshrined in Israel’s declaration of independence. Israel must immediately end the judicial coup, its military and settler violence towards non-Jews, and return to the principles that tens of thousands of Israelis gave their lives defending. These developments violate the shared values which have made the U.S.-Israel relationship so strong and threaten the fragile viability of a two-state solution.”


On Sunday February 12th, the Israeli government approved the construction of 10,000 new settlement homes and announced it would legalize 9 outposts in the West Bank, many of which are located on Palestinian owned land.  A week later, as most Americans celebrated Presidents’ Day, the Israeli Knesset voted on legislation which would eliminate judicial oversight over certain bills and give the parliamentary majority full control over appointing future Supreme Court Justices.   On February 26th, a violent mob composed of hundreds of Israeli settlers killed a Palestinian man and set hundreds of Palestinian owned structures on fire. All suspects involved with this attack were released after spending just one night behind bars.