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Rep. Scott Peters warned President Trump on Wednesday not to interfere with the military justice system by preemptively pardoning service members accused of war crimes.

Trump is reportedly considering a pardon as early as Memorial Day for Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher, who is accused of stabbing a teenage ISIS prisoner to death and shooting at Iraqi civilians. Gallagher is being held in the brig at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar while awaiting court-martial.

“Pardons for members of our military who are convicted or accused of war crimes would undermine the honor of those who have served with integrity and adherence to the military code of conduct,” said Peters, who is a lawyer by training.

“Short-circuiting the justice system for cheap political points would signal to our allies, our adversaries, and our men and women in uniform that the grotesque conduct alleged is acceptable. It is not. I call on President Trump to not interfere, and to let the military, not politicians, administer justice.”

The four-term Congressman represents the 52nd District, which covers much of central San Diego County including Poway, Coronado, and large portions of the City of San Diego.