Press Releases

Today, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) helped pass the For the People Act, a bill he cosponsored to improve campaign finance disclosure, protect and expand voting access, and hold public officials accountable to the American public.

“Americans asked, and we listened: the For the People Act delivers on our promise to fix our broken democracy and bring transparency to Congress, the White House, and entire federal government.

“These groundbreaking reforms will help us rebuild trust in government. Now, we must continue to work together to solve problems most important to San Diegans and all Americans like climate change, gun violence prevention, access to higher education, comprehensive immigration reform, and more,” said Rep. Peters.

The For the People Act:

  • Creates a public financing mechanism for campaigns through small-dollar matching,
  • Requires disclosure for advertising on social media and online,
  • Makes Election Day a federal holiday,
  • Restores voting rights for Americans who have served their time,
  • Establishes automatic and same-day voter registration to expand access to voting,
  • Requires states to adopt independent commissions to redistrict congressional seats following the census,
  • Prohibits members of Congress from sitting on for-profit corporation, boards, and
  • Prevents members from using taxpayer dollars to pay settlements to raise ethical standards for politicians and government officials.

“To further restore faith in our elections, I introduced an amendment with Rep. Kathleen Rice to prohibit candidates from using leadership PAC contributions for personal expenses. Leadership PACs should not be used as slush funds for lavish expenses; that is not their intent. Unfortunately, we were not allowed a vote on this amendment. I will continue to advance this legislation because this reform remains important,” Rep. Peters continued.

Additional details about reforms delivered in the For the People Act can be found here.