Press Releases

Last week, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52), a member of the House New Democrat Coalition leadership, helped unveil a set of policy priorities to ensure that American workers are prepared for the jobs of the future. Rep. Peters joined the Future of Work Task Force with the Coalition to develop Closing the Skills and Opportunity Gaps, the first in a series of policy plans to close the skill and opportunity gaps and empower American workers.

The policy paper focuses on three principles to navigate the changing economy:

  1. Give every American access to the tools to succeed in the 21st century economy.
  2. Remove obstacles for Americans to access middle-skill jobs and close the opportunity gap.
  3. Create a culture of lifelong learning and make it easier for workers to invest in their future.

“Our economy is changing and Americans need a new set of skills to compete and be successful. In San Diego, our growing innovation economy is creating a demand for STEM skills, and qualified candidates to fill positions in these emerging industries. This plan prioritizes investing in education and career training, and also makes sure businesses can keep up with changing technology and demands. It’s a broad-based plan to address our economic challenges and set our country on the right track to compete and innovate,” said Rep. Peters.

The Coalition established the Future of Work Task Force this Congress to investigate trends in innovation, the workforce, and the economy that are changing the way Americans work today and in the future. The Task Force convened panels, forums, and meetings to gather information about the challenges in the future of work. Following those meetings with stakeholders from companies, labor unions, local organizations, and thought leaders, the full agenda, Economic Opportunity Agenda: A Future that Works, was first announced last month and is available here. A one-pager is also available.