Press Releases

Today, on Vietnam Veterans Day, Rep. Scott Peters is honoring Vietnam-era veterans at events in San Diego by presenting them with lapel pins created as part of the United States of America Vietnam War Commemorative Partner Program.  The program was created in 2008 by the Department of Defense so organizations can host events and find other ways to help “a grateful nation in thanking and honoring our Vietnam veterans and their families for their service, valor, and sacrifice.”

This morning, Rep. Peters presented approximately 40 Vietnam-era veterans and their spouses with the lapel pins at a ceremony held as part of the Honoring our Vietnam Veterans 50th Anniversary War Commemoration Resource Fair hosted by the VA San Diego Regional Benefit Office.

Peters stated: “After eleven years of combat, the veterans who made it back home were forever changed: many returned bearing physical scars and others returned with the invisible burden of haunting visions and other effects of post-traumatic stress. Unfortunately, they also returned to a nation who greeted them with hate and indifference, due to the controversial nature of U.S. involvement in Vietnam. That blame should have never been placed on heroes who served their country.”

“This year, my office became a commemorative partner with the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration, a program to recognize the tremendous sacrifices of Vietnam-era veterans; highlight the contributions made on the home front; and celebrate the advances made in science, technology, medicine, and military research during the war. It’s an honor to meet San Diego Vietnam veterans and their families and present commemorative lapel pins as a small token from a grateful nation.”


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Rep. Peters pinning San Diego Vietnam veterans and their families.


Later today, he will present lapel pins to another 40 to 50 Vietnam-era veterans at a private event in Point Loma. Additionally, early this morning, Peters joined military, veteran, and community leaders for a tour of Veterans Village of San Diego to learn about what they currently need to better serve our veterans.