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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - San Diegans on Tuesday night attended a town hall meeting held by Congressman Scott Peters to discuss issues that extend beyond the Trump administration. 

Some of the issues brought before Congressman Peters included: healthcare, immigration, North Korea, the Tijuana sewage spill, increased noise levels under the flight path over La Jolla homes and women's rights.

Congressman Peters continues to draw large crowds to his town halls as many of his constituents continue to be upset with President Donald Trump.

A constituent of Congressman Peters, Mike Murphy, said he is concerned about North Korea. "At this time I believe that we are so much in danger for potential nuclear war. It hasn't been this scary since the Cuban Missile Crisis."

Congressman Peters said "the president does not seem to have a filter," and believes "it is dangerous to be calling out the leader of North Korea because we can't trust that he is stable."

Another major concern among Peters' constituents was February's sewage spill that dumped 148 million gallons into San Diego waters.

Congressman Peters said he spoke with the Mexican Consulate on Tuesday, but reiterated that it "does not help us with international relations to insult Mexico."

Residents living in Bird Rock and La Jolla wanted to know why they are hearing more planes fly over their homes.

Some said they do not believe the FAA's new Southern California metroplex plan that impacted Point Loma is a reason for the increased plane noise.

Peters said "we have to make sure that people are adhering to the law and the flight paths are clear and we have to be more vigilant."

La Jolla residents like Beatriz Prado, said they are counting on Congressman Peters. "I just thought the only way to resolve this is political. If we can't get his help, I don't think we can solve the problem."

Congressman Peters said in order to get it done quicker, one of his staffers will do a walk through to experience and survey the flight noise.

The FAA said local noise issues are typically worked through the San Diego Airport Noise Advisory Committee at which the FAA is present during meetings to understand and determine cause for concerns.