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San Diego Democrats are clamoring for answers from local representatives about what they can do to preserve their voice on Capitol Hill.

Congressmembers Susan Davis (D-53rd Dist.) and Scott Peters (D-52nd Dist.) held a workshop Wednesday night to address constituents questions at Liberty Station.

Approximately 700 people attended the Town Hall at Corky McMillin Companies Event Center to have their voices heard.

Local democrats said they feared their voices are falling on deaf ears in Washington.

"I want my elected officials to feel enraged and I want to see it in your actions,” attendee Madeleine Falco said.

Peters and Davis invited constituents to a workshop with the objective of politically empowering them.

“My style is not to yell. That doesn't mean I am any less passionate about fixing this country. I dedicated my life to it,” Congressman Peters said.

The town hall, dubbed "Don't Agonize, Galvanize", offered voters a tutorial on sharing their thoughts on social media, participating in demonstrations and other grassroots opportunities to influence Washington leadership.
Top of mind issues at the town hall was immigration and the Affordable Care Act.

"Healthcare is a fundamental human right,” one participant proclaimed.

"What we can do to is give opportunities to people to get jobs that pay well to get an education so they can compete in this economy. Give everybody the same shot that I got no matter race, color, or creed," Congressman Peters said.

With Congress in recess and San Diego representatives back in their respective districts for the first time since President Donald Trump's inauguration, it has proved to be a politically charged week.

Not all San Diego representatives are holding town Hall meetings, but this was Congressman Peters' second.