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Four local leaders are fighting for families who say their homes are under siege, because they’re under a growing number of noisy airplanes.

Supervisor Greg Cox along with San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, Councilmember Lorie Zapf and Congressman Scott Peters sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration focusing on the number of complaints their offices have received over the past eight months.

The letter stating, “We believe that there are workable and relatively simple solutions to resolve the distress the residents of San Diego are experiencing, and that can be implemented with your cooperation.”

Supervisor Cox told Team 10 they’ve been getting a lot of concerns and complaints from the Point Loma area.
“Some of the planes, at least more recently over the last few months, seem to be making quicker turns which means there’s greater noise coming down and impacting the community,” Cox said.

Cox said in the late '90s an agreement was put together that established a corridor for planes to go two miles out and either turn to the left or the right.

The letter sent to the FAA points out, “According to early turn data from the first quarter of 2016, we are on track for over 800 early turns, which would represent a 105% increase from 2015.”

Residents say when the planes turn early the noise can be deafening.

“Clearly that hasn’t been followed to the degree that we feel it should amongst the four signers of that letter and even the airport authority board has expressed concerns to the FAA,” Cox said.

The letter requests the FAA give due consideration to the San Diego International Airport and the communities that surround it by investigating and implementing ways to reduce noise impacts.

“We all feel that this is a problem that can be solved relatively easy through the cooperation of the Federal Aviation Administration,” Cox said.

In a statement a spokesperson for the San Diego International Airport wrote:
“We are aware of the letter sent to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) by City and County of San Diego elected officials. We will continue to keep them informed as we work with our airline partners and FAA staff to mitigate the impact of aircraft noise on the community.”